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How to make people pay attention to you?


I’m like a child in a kindergarten: if you don’t pick me up right now, you’ll have to play in another sandbox.

I don’t care about the black stripes in your destiny: I can whiten them.

I am happiness itself!

I am often told that God is my judge. But in this case, the Devil acts as a lawyer …

You can’t just pass me by in real life. You will certainly stare and stumble over the curb.

Mom gave birth to me beautiful, life made me harsh.

I won’t run after you – heels get in the way. Therefore, do not pretend to be a muslin young lady.

If you’re looking for a girl you can’t live without – congratulations, she’s here.

I do not suffer from shame or conscience – there is nothing superfluous in my character.

I can talk about myself for hours.

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