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In order to prevent a quarrel in time, or at least lower the threshold of its severity, it is worth adhering to some rules:

Control your emotions. Do not mention in a fit of anger about serious things that can piss off your partner. In no case should he mention relatives, not express personal dislike for his parents. All this can leave a significant mark on the relationship.

No need to talk about impending revenge or treason. In case of a small conflict, you should not immediately threaten with betrayal or parting. Even if it’s just words. A man can take them literally and do the same.

You should not run into the arms of your former lovers or mistresses to hurt your partner. In such cases, the unpleasant truth can be revealed soon and seriously harm the relationship, even if there was no intimate relationship.

You should not show your emotions too much, break dishes, spoil jointly acquired property. There is a chance to be seen as an inadequate and hysterical person in front of your beloved partner. In such cases, trust in the union will drop to zero, which can lead to the collapse of the relationship.

There is no need to manipulate children in times of conflict. Do not threaten your partner that the children will turn against him. This can provoke a person and lead to serious proceedings. A child is the result of the common work of lovers, and each of them has the same rights to their own child. Therefore, you should not drag him into everyday quarrels and problems.

Do not swear in front of children. It’s no secret that children, for the most part, will inherit the character of one of the parents and adopt the model of relationships that was in the family. It is unlikely that any parent would want his children to be in such a conflicting relationship.

And if quarrels are frequent and interfere with the life of all family members, you need not hesitate and contact a qualified specialist. The main thing to remember is that a relationship is the work of two partners, and if one of them does not intend to create a strong and happy family, then you should not expect improvements. It is easier to leave this person and go towards a favorable life.

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