Couples Dating Psychology

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Of course, I’m not a queen. But the crown is a miracle for me.

Here I am the queen. Dissatisfied – look for another Universe.

I am sweetness itself. It’s just that in infancy, my mother dropped me in sugar syrup …

Send me to hell? The devil is not sorry?

I have my own, unique path to happiness. I don’t listen to other people’s advice on how to build a route.

I am convinced that a person will always be able to find time for everything that is important and valuable to him.

I dream of such a winter so that there is no time left for TV shows and the Internet.

Tell me what happiness is. And I will understand what you lack in life.

Relationships are needed to make dreams come true together. And not dream about who else you can fulfill them with.

Relationships are of course important to me; but money, status and appearance are also not in the last place.

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